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Enjoy life while your money takes care of itself
Effortless planning | Sensible advice | Adaptive Guidance | Strategic Investing
Effortless planning | Sensible advice | Adaptive Guidance | Strategic Investing
You’re unique, your financial plan should be too

You know where you are going, but how should you plan to get there? More than savings goals, more than the stock market — you need to understand your entire financial future — simply.

Pefin guides you through the priorities that matter — kids, college, a dream getaway, a new home, retirement, and more. We take care of every detail that matters from property taxes to inflation to daycare costs in your neighborhood so you understand how each of your plans unfolds to a much bigger picture.

Having a plan is great. Achieving it is better.

Whether you have all the money you need, or you need to make ends meet, Pefin can help you reach your financial goals. We provide guidance on how to save, how to manage taxes, when to pay off debt, and how to invest.

Most importantly we’ll reveal the details behind our recommendations, and tell you what matters for you. This is practical and sensible advice accessible to you every step of the way. No sales pitches. No commissions.

Stay on track, even as life keeps changing

Life happens. Pefin learns from your actual spending and savings behavior. It is as if you had a team of the most skilled Financial Advisors by your side, 24/7, watching over your finances and guiding you to make the best decisions.

We keep up with changing financial markets, tax rules, inflation, economic conditions, and regional demographics, so the advice you receive is accurate, up-to-date, and anything but generic.

Investing, saving, and paying down debt are different sides of the same coin

How you save and invest should be as unique as your life. Pefin’s AI looks ahead to your goals, your savings, your debt and spending patterns to determine the best mix between saving in cash, investing, and paying down debt.

If investing is appropriate for you, we do not insist you invest with us. But if you do invest, our approach is tailored to make sure your plans are achievable.

Pefin’s AI monitors over 2 million data points about your life — 24/7 — real-time
Is my data ever shared?

No, we never share your data.
The only person who can see your data is you.

Every single piece of information in our system is encrypted with military-grade technology.

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