In many ways AI can equal, or surpass, humans

AI replicates human knowledge and decision making, and Pefin has specifically harnessed its abilities to build the best quality AI powered Financial Advisor. Pefin provides financial advice to anyone who needs it, handling a wide variety of complex decisions to guide you smoothly along life's path.

Neural Networks Stay on Top of 2 – 5 Million Data Points 24/7

Neural networks analyze a complex web of financial relationships, including:

  • changes in your spending patterns
  • your account balances and trends
  • the markets and risk exposure
  • federal, state, and payroll taxes
  • social security and gov’t rules
  • inflation and cost-of-living
  • property taxes and closing costs
  • mortgage and refinance rates
  • college tuition and cost increases
  • childcare costs in your area
  • and more…

By keeping on top of all the details, the advice you receive is accurate, up-to-date, and anything but generic. Even a human advisor, simply cannot manage the level of details in your life that Pefin’s AI is capable of handling with ease.

Our AI learns what matters to you

By learning from your actual spending and savings behavior, Pefin’s advice is created for you and only you. No two people receive the same advice- ever. Our advice is not just based on theory, but is sensible and accessible to you, every step of the way.

Investments are just one part of the equation

Investing, paying down debt, and managing savings are all different sides of the same coin. Pefin’s AI understands how these pieces work together and creates a cohesive strategy that optimizes your financial life on all fronts. If investing is appropriate for you, we do not insist you invest with us. But if you do invest, our approach is tailored to make sure your plans are achievable.

Financial literacy that is tailored to you

Our AI content engine sends original Pefin content and well-respected third party articles to educate you on your financial life. We’ll only send you information that’s relevant to your unique financial situation and tailor it in a way that’s succinct and easy to understand. No long-winded research papers or information overload.

Pefin’s AI is personalized and fiduciary by design
Regardless of your age, gender, income, wealth, race, or financial expertise,
Pefin remains unbiased and will only act in your best interest, delivering advice that is as unique as you
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