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How can Pefin keep costs so low?

Because of the scalability of AI, we are able to offer personalized and fiduciary financial advice at a price anyone can afford. Our goal is that best in class financial advice should be as affordable as what most people spend for lunch, or for monthly coffee purchases, or for their online music and movie subscriptions. Cost should not be the reason people are shut out from access to advice.

Why is investing with Pefin optional?

Unlike other electronic investment platforms, Pefin knows that having your hard earned savings in securities may not be the best place for your money right now. Because we are a fiduciary, we make sure that the advice you get is suitable and appropriate to get you the very best outcome even if that means recommending its better for you to invest more in tax-efficient accounts (like your employer 401(k)) or to save more before you invest.

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