Meet Pefin, the world's 1st AI financial advisorTM at SXSW
About Pefin
  • Pefin stands for Personal Financial Intelligence. For the first time, world-class financial advice is available to everyone, no matter what age, stage or financial status.
  • Why Pefin? 2 - 5 million reasons, all relevant to you. Pefin monitors and curates millions of data points, real-time, for each user to make their financial plans achievable, at a fraction of the cost of a human advisor.
Meet the Pefin team at SXSW
Ramya Joseph
Catherine Flax
Jay Gopalakrishnan
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The Pefin Guy!
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About Pefin
Pefin stands for Personal Financial Intelligence. We are the world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) Financial Advisor.

Using patent-pending AI technology, Pefin understands your unique financial priorities - from kids, to college, to a new home, to retirement. It then creates a long term financial plan just like a world-class financial advisor. We show you what’s affordable, and keep up with changing rules, changing markets, and changing lives 24/7 - no meetings required. We provide you with a personalized strategy on how you should save, when you should pay down debt, and how you should invest. Ongoing updates coach you and help you stay on track. Unlike other investment platforms, we do not insist that you invest with us, but if you do, we make sure your portfolio is tailored to ensure your financial plans are achievable. Because we are a fiduciary, we make sure that the advice you receive is suitable and appropriate to get you the very best outcome.

All of this is offered at your fingertips - 24/7 - at 1/20th the cost traditional advisory services.

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