The Power of Pefin for Business


Pefin is a powerful platform built on AI from day one that brings together financial planning, advice, and wealth management, combining scalability with personalized individual advice. Many of the capabilities of Pefin are the entire business model for other digital financial apps and platforms, all incorporated and augmented with AI:

  • budgeting

  • planning and advice

  • wealth management

Pefin for Business brings it all together for financial institutions and employee benefits programs in a way that best serves their customers or employees. With three levels of customization - Pefin AI Custom, Pefin AI Custom Plus, and Pefin AI Custom Complete – any size business from the largest institutions to the family owned shop, can deliver fiduciary holistic financial planning, advice, and wealth management in a way that fits their strategy and budget – and in a way their customers or employees want it.

Pefin’s Neural Networks Stay on Top of 2 – 5 million Data Points 24/7 Analyzing a Complex Web of Financial Relationships Including:

  • changes in spending patterns

  • your account balances and trends

  • the markets and your risk exposure

  • federal, state, and payroll taxes

  • social security and govt rules

  • inflation and cost of living

  • property taxes and closing costs

  • mortgage and refinance rates

  • college tuition and cost increases

  • childcare care costs in your area

  • and so much more….

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By being updated on the details, the advice is accurate, up-to-date, and anything but generic – no two people receive the same advice – ever.

Investments are just one part of the equation. Investing, paying down debt, and managing savings are all sides of the same coin. Pefin’s AI understands how the pieces work together and create a cohesive strategy that optimizes for modern financial life on all fronts – and you decide how best to deliver it to your customers or employees.

Tailored financial literacy. Our AI content engine sends original, well-respected third party, or your own content to educate on modern financial life. Pefin will only send information that’s relevant and unique to each person’s financial situation and tailor it in a way that’s succinct and easy to understand.

By working with your team to understand what your business needs, priorities, values, and challenges are – Pefin can deliver the right solution for your customers or employees.

If you’re a financial institution, Pefin keeps you up to date with our Advisor Dashboard – bringing you the information you need to monitor your business, service your customers, and grow your business with actionable data prompts, that give you the opportunity to engage around specific insights into your customers’ financial behaviours, needs, and preferences. You’ll know more about your customers than ever before.

For employee benefits programs, the Pefin Employer Dashboard lets you see how – and how many – of your employees are using your benefit, while maintaining the appropriate levels of privacy at the individual level. Have the satisfaction of knowing how your company is helping your employees manage the complexities of modern financial life by offering them access to the Pefin platform. Attract, retain, and reward the best talent by supporting Financial Wellness and giving them the tools they need.

It’s a whole new world and Pefin is here to help your business compete and win while serving the financial planning, advice, and wealth management needs of your customers or employees, best.

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