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About Pefin

Pefin stands for Personal Financial Intelligence. We are the world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) Financial Advisor.

Using patent-pending AI technology, Pefin understands your unique financial priorities - from kids, to college, to a new home, to retirement. It then creates a long term financial plan just like a world-class financial advisor. We show you what’s affordable, and keep up with changing rules, changing markets, and changing lives 24/7 - no meetings required.

We provide you with a personalized strategy on how you should save, when you should pay down debt, and how you should invest. Ongoing updates coach you and help you stay on track. Unlike other investment platforms, we do not insist that you invest with us, but if you do, we make sure your portfolio is tailored to ensure your financial plans are achievable.

Our AI technology is personalized and fiduciary by design and costs just $10/month - making trustworthy, financial advice available to anyone who needs it.

Pefin sees a future where financial advice is democratized, where true innovation using Artificial Intelligence frameworks, makes the best advice and financial products available to all.

39 West 32nd St, Suite 1500, NY, NY 10001
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Abhilasha Meshram
Meet the Senior Team

Ramya Joseph - FOUNDER

Ramya is the Founder of Pefin. Before Pefin, Ramya managed trading for multi-billion dollar portfolios at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Ramya concurrently completed her MS in Machine Learning (AI) and a MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, NY. As a founder, wife, and mother, Ramya relates closely to the challenges that all of us face in making life decisions and planning ahead for them.

Ramay Joseph, CEO & Founder

Catherine Flax - CEO

As CEO, Catherine leads the business and growth strategy for Pefin. Prior, Catherine was the Managing Director and Head of Commodity Derivatives, Americas at BNP Paribas. Before BNP, Catherine was the Chief Marketing Officer for J.P. Morgan. Catherine was nominated as the Most Influential Woman in European Investment Banking in 2011 and 2012, winning that award in 2012. Catherine has an MA from Brown University and a bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University. She is married with three sons.

Catherine Flax, CEO

Jay Gopalakrishnan - CTO

As Chief Technology Officer at Pefin, Jay leads the technology architecture, and development of Pefin's AI Financial products. Jay has over 10 years of expertise in designing large-scale systems and launching startups successfully to market. He has been part of the leadership team at Pefin since 2013. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from NYU Courant. Jay has a keen eye for consumer technology innovation, and in his free time, is a gaming enthusiast.

Jay Gopalakrishnan, CTO
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News & Announcements
11 / 12 / 2015
Pefin Launches the World’s First AI Financial Advisor

Media Contact:
Brittany Solano
Jones-Dilworth, Inc.

Pefin Launches the World’s First AI Financial Advisor

Company announces public beta release of its artificial intelligence platform that helps anyone make important financial decisions effortlessly and confidently

NEW YORK, November 12, 2015 -- Pefin, the world’s first AI financial advisor, launched from stealth today and entered into public beta. Pefin’s proprietary technology helps users navigate the important decisions that impact their long-term financial well-being -- from buying a house to starting a new job to saving for a child. It will also provide personalized, actionable investment strategies that are tied to your specific financial plans (coming in 2016). Users can request access to Pefin at

Pefin’s AI technology provides the same level of intelligent guidance as a human advisor at 1/20 th of the cost. The platform securely aggregates a user’s financial information then helps them build comprehensive plans to reach their individual and unique long-term goals. In comparison, collaboration with a human financial advisor to build a one-time financial plan costs on average $1,900 and can take 3-5 meetings.

Pefin is built on dynamic planning. Each plan is personalized for the individual user, taking into account often forgotten details like federal and state taxes, maintenance costs, insurance or inflation. Pefin’s intelligent system automatically determines the long-term impact of each plan, and how one affects another. For instance, a user could see how buying a more expensive house will affect their plan to send a child to college. Pefin can surface recommendations and alternatives to address any shortfall, allowing the user to choose the best path for them.

“We built Pefin to help anyone understand their money, make the plans they want, and confidently know how to save and invest, ongoing, to achieve those plans,” said CEO and founder Ramya Joseph. “Most plans you will get today are great for the moment, but ultimately static. And life is far from static. We’ve designed a system that understands and can respond to all of life’s ups and downs; one that adapts and evolves with the realities of the market; and one that learns from you. More importantly though, we’re making this level of financial guidance easy and affordable. That is the power of AI.”

Pefin’s technology tracks even more factors than the software used by human financial advisors -- market rates, tax codes, inflation, area-specific property taxes, and more. On average, there are over 2M data points analyzed for each user every time a new plan is added or market conditions change. This technology is based on feedforward neural networks, incorporates machine learning techniques, and is more accurate than conventional software used.

“Our algorithms learn from your personal preferences and our system automatically adapts, updating your financial plans based on your activity,” continued Ramya. “For instance, we can tell that you’re consistently saving more than you planned, and we might suggest accelerating a vacation plan accordingly or retiring earlier than planned. We adjust based on what you actually do, not what you say you’re going to do. We act as a fiduciary, always having your best interests in the advice we provide.”

Key Pefin features include:

  • Plan, track, save and invest in one place -- whenever, wherever
  • Link over 18,000 institutions including the top banks, credit, cards, investment accounts, mortgages and loans
  • Easily build the most comprehensive, custom plans that take into account taxes, insurance, overlooked fees, inflation, lifestyle changes, and more
  • See your plans automatically adjust and recalibrate based on market changes, the latest estimates, and actual spending and savings behavior
  • Invest with strategies personalized to your individual plans and life objectives (pending regulatory approval, targeted availability in 2016)
  • Access your advisor 24/7, at your convenience, no meetings or periodic check-ins
  • Be protected by the strongest security standards, with every piece of personally and financially identifiable information in the system encrypted -- not just the password

Users can access Pefin for free during the beta period, until the end of January 2016. Beginning in February 2016, Pefin will be available to the first 10,000 users at an introductory rate of $6/month for the first year. Subsequent years will run $12/month. The first month is always free of charge. The company will begin rolling out invites over the next few weeks, and users can request access or find out more by visiting

Pefin Advisors, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, under Section 203(c) of the Investment Adviser Act of 1940.

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